Renowned creators of ultra-high specification audio/video equipment for professional broadcast, live sound, installation and studio "in-line" applications, with over 35 years experience in design and manufacture of quality audio solutions.


Based in Milton Keynes, UK, Bel (Digital Audio) Ltd started in the 1970s as a small company manufacturing audio mixing consoles and effects processors for the recording industry.

In the 1980s, Bel launched the BD80 series of samplers and delays, which became a familiar sight in many of the UK's leading and influential recording studios. From the 1990s, they concentrated on the professional broadcaster as their primary customer.

Bel now supplies their high-quality British made products to a wide and global pro-audio market; including broadcast, live sound and fixed installations.



Arqiva OB
Arqiva Uplink
Bow Tie
SiS Live
Dale Broadcast
BT Communications
Channel 4
Formula One Management
Red Bee
Gearhouse Broadcast


A-Medialynx GmbH - Germany
Audioone GmbH - Germany
BFE Studio und Medien Systeme GmbH - Germany
BFE Studio und Medien Systeme GmbH - Austria
BR Bayrischer Rundfunk
Broadcast Solutions GmbH - Germany
Grass Valley Germany/Thomson Systems Germany - Germany
Kika ARD/ZDF Kinderkanal - Germany
MAGZ - Germany
MCS Media & Communication Systems GmbH - Germany
NDR Norddeutscher Rundfunk Plazamedia GmbH - Germany
WIGE Media AG – Germany
Technicolor – France
HD Resources - Sweden



SBS MediaNet – S.Korea
TV Channel 9 - Thailand
Macau TV
GMA Network – Philippines
Beijing TV - China
Doordarshan – India
Satellite Earth Station of Thaicom - Thailand

All India Radio - India
CCTV – China
TVB – Hong Kong
Cable TV – Hong Kong
Fujian TV – China

FM Ichihara – Japan
Asia Television – Hong Kong ITV - Thailand

KNOU – S. Korea
Kyoshin Communications – Japan  
Waqt News - Pakistan

...and hundreds more.



500-Series Stereo Flanger

Designed with ex-Genesis guitarist Mick Barnard and first released in the late 1970s, the original rack-mount BF-20 quickly became the "flanger of choice" for many of the world's top recording artists (Phil Collins, The Rolling Stones, YES) and prestigious recording studios (AIR Studios, RSK, Metropolis, Miloco).

Now, for the first time, this rare and sought-after analogue effects unit has finally been recreated and made available for the 500-series format.

The BF-20-500 is based entirely on the original designs - including use of the renowned SAD512 bucket brigade devices - but housed in a two-module wide 500 Series stainless steel enclosure. It offers the same performance, flexibility and characteristics as the original, allowing for any level of flanging to be created - from subtle gentle effects to deep flanging dominance and anywhere in between.




Dante Audio Monitor

Suitable for commercial installation, broadcast, live sound, public address and production applications, the BM-A1-64DANTE is an Audio-over-IP (AoIP) audio monitoring unit (AMU) that permits confidence monitoring of any channel present on a Dante™ network. 



  • Dante™ Audio-over-IP confidence monitor, in a sturdy and compact 1U chassis
  • Monitors up to 64 channels at 48 kHz
  • 44.1 to 96 kHz operation
  • Onboard matrix enables access to 512 audio sources using Dante Controller software
  • Configure user-defined mixes of up to 16 channels, or monitor individual channels
  • LED signal level indication of all 64 channels
  • Full audio redundancy over a Gigabit Ethernet network
  • Stereo analogue and AES/EBU outputs of selected monitor sources for connection to external speakers or other external devices
  • Redundant PSU as standard
  • Audinate announced AES67 interoperability
"We’re very happy with it. We used both of our units on a recent Latin music awards show – one at the mic racks backstage for the lead RF engineer, and one on stage where the RF A2 can check a mic before handing it off to the talent...very easy to use and reliable. We plan on using these units on all of our large shows.”

Jim Van Winkle, General Manager, Professional Wireless Systems

Dante, created by Audinate, is a leading Audio-over-IP networking solution, offering virtually perfect synchronization, ultra-low deterministic latency and plug-and-play configuration management. 

The BM-A1-64DANTE is designed to provide a simple and effective way of monitoring audio present in Dante networks. Up to 512 channels may be present on a Dante network and the BM-A1-64DANTE can be configured to monitor up to 64 of these (by use of the Dante Controller software application).

With up to 64 channels routed to the front panel, it is possible to view each channel's signal strength and also audibly monitor each channel individually. Up to 16 channels may also be combined to create a unique stereo monitor mix, if simulteneous monitoring of multiple channels is required. Two presets allow for different mix combinations to be stored and recalled. The audio present on the speakers is also available via balanced analogue (2 x XLR) and AES/EBU (1 x XLR) outputs. This is useful if connecting the unit to external monitors, or if also using the BM-A1-64DANTE as a simple two channel breakout unit to feed other equipment.

Housed in a rugged, compact 1U rack chassis, the BM-A1-64DANTE features a redundant power supply as standard and offers full audio redundancy over a Gigabit Ethernet network.




MADI Audio and Diagnostic Monitor

Designed for broadcast, live sound and production applications, the BM-A2-64MADI audio monitor unit (AMU) enables auditioning of embedded MADI channels without the need to connect to external routers or audio consoles. In addition, the BM-A2-64MADI is the first device to provide engineers with the diagnostic tools necessary to interrogate MADI streams in order to view the status of embedded channels. As a result it is also the perfect monitor for the maintenance of, or commissioning of MADI-based audio systems.



  • MADI audio and diagnostic monitor
  • 44.1 - 96 kHz operation
  • Accepts SMUX and HighSpeed MADI protocols
  • Monitors every MADI channel
  • Single channel and Stereo pair monitoring options to suit live sound/studio and broadcast applications
  • 32 channel pair (64 channel) meters with valid audio indication
  • High-resolution stereo bargraph meter for selected channel or channel pair
  • MADI diagnostic display
  • MADI loop-through (coaxial and fibre)
  • MADI format conversion
  • Simultaneous 32 x AES/EBU and AES3-id pair outputs
  • Redundant PSU as standard

The BM-A2-64MADI is fully compatible with 96 kHz, 88.2 kHz, 48 kHz and 44.1 kHz sample rates. In addition to this, the monitor is compatible with both the legacy SMUX and High Speed MADI protocols.

Providing bargraph metering for all 32 stereo pairs (64 channels), the BM-A2-64MADI provides ‘at-a-glance’ assurance of signal presence across the complete MADI stream. Selection of the stereo-pair to be audibly monitored is very intuitive, and once selected, both channels are also metered on a pair of dedicated high-resolution bargraph meters. For live sound or studio applications, the BM-A2-64MADI can easily be configured to monitor individual channels rather than channel pairs.

The status of the MADI stream can be interrogated using the unique MADI Data display. From here it is possible to view useful information such MADI frame data and AES status/user bits of each embedded stereo-pair. General configuration menus are also available, such as selection of sync source (including wordclock, video, AES and MADI) and sample rate converter.

In addition, the BM-A2-64MADI simultaneously makes 32 pairs of balanced AES/EBU and unbalanced AES3-id available for interconnection to routers, audio consoles or any other AES equipped devices.

As the BM-A2-64MADI can be used ‘in-line’, it provides a MADI loop-through output in both optical and coaxial formats. 

Up to eight or sixteen MADI streams can be monitored on a single BM-A2-64MADI when used in conjunction with one or two MADI-SWITCH 8x1 MADI Source Selectors.